Serpent Insurrection

by Lucifuge Rofocale

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released August 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Lucifuge Rofocale Managua, Nicaragua

© Lucifuge Rofocale
© NI/2004

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Track Name: Threshold of Hate
The portal infernal of Satan you will perceive
The altar apocalyptic is dammed, in the sect you will die
Pharisees! Possessed! Insane!
All the minds manipulated are
Manipulated by Lucifer!

Odium! War! Death!
Legions are coming armed
Fire! Blood! Fear!
It’s the fury lacerated

You will be dominated by Sathanas

Feel the presence of the death incarnated
Of the fucking blood unfleshed,
Imploring its freedom

Eternal! Infected! Nocturnal!
The horde is satanized by my father, Lucifer
Azazel, demon of blades!
They are ready, they are ready
For the sacrifice!
Track Name: Luciferic Enslavement
The slaves of the blood-stained orgy of Satan
Summited to the intoxicating delirium of evil pleasure

Malignant ritual in the Hell
And his domain, sick sin offense

Commerce of flesh with souls from beyond
The sixth dimension will domain, the sexual reunion of Satan!

Morbida clairvoyance magnific satanica
Fill up the altar with infernal blood
Evil priest and his possessed dead mind
Will consume you, will torment you
Repetitive fleshed torture, demonized
Addicted, satirical dementia!

Supremacy, demoniac forces
And their mysterious internal domain
Upon the fucked, mutilated planet
Will command!

Now you are condemned! Now you are sunken!
In the infinite hell! Consumed by fire!
In the infinite hell! Governed by the Lord
The Lord Satan!
Track Name: Satan's Sentence (A Thousand Years in the Abyss)
A putrid fire in the sky
When the hypocrite angels came in hordes
I merged all my hatred against them,
They ran as whores towards their own mutilation
In the malignant and sadistic, supreme rebellion,
Filling the fucking universe with poisoned blood

The trumpets of God sounded
Before the fall of the majestic silver moon

Bastard God, who’s molten in lies,
Who will put enmity towards me
I am the Lord, I’m the antichrist
Guilty or not, you will die!
Bastard God, who will tie me down
In chains, to the great abyss
I am the Lord, I’m the antichrist
Guilty or not, you will die!

Look! I will climb my grave
With my baphometic horde
I will raise my throne
With my cursed soul
In the mountain I will sit
To live eternally intact
When I unleash hell

Hail the war!
Light’s rejected
Before our revenge
After lost millenniums
Wen I unleash hell

It’s time for this false empire
To die crushed under their own cross
I’ll blind the minds of your aides
Under the dark eyes of Belial

A demon to whom I gave the power
Will burry the humanity,
Will mark their agonic destiny
With bloody blades

Oh, yes my Lord!
I’m your demon Lucifuge
I will spit the impaling pain
Once you unleash the flames of hell
Track Name: Des Profundis Clamavis
Bastard fucking christians, they are found assassins,
In their last night of sacrifice
Many surrendered upon the presence of Sargathanas
Who was found in the putrid place

Infernal flames invoking you, Agalariept
For the fight against mortals
Destruction and repression can be seen all around
There will be no salvation!

Oh, yes, it can be seen,
In their eyes, the pleasure!
From the death of the one who was
A christian with power!

Upon the cursed altar
I’ll open my veins, oh, Satan!
In your honor!

The skull of the church
Now is victory of ours,
Much torture and violence
Will be his riches

Satan! This is your realm!

I will tumble the gates, the gates of Hell
Dictate the sentence, the sentence of death
I will be the sick fucking sing, the fucking sign of the antichrist
Now your god will die, will die in the name of Ahriman!